Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lots and lots of rain

Overnight we had 5 inches of rain in 1 hour with severe thunderstorms. Then today we had 2 more on top of that! We have a bridge washed out in town, a road washed away and a hole in another one. Our swimming pool is nearly over flowing. Roads were flooded this morning and it was a challenge to leave town and head out to a swim meet first thing this morning. The rain stopped for the meet and for Kaci to attend a pool party at their home pool.

During the week we had another swim meet. The girls are loving it, and Kole is hating having to go and sit and watch. LOL Of course he would. He is a very busy boy.

Kali has decided that she wants to do tumbling this next school year along with band and Kaci wants to do dance and piano. Kole will be doing football and piano. He was not very fond of basketball. ha ha ha

We are getting ready to get Kole's bedroom ready to welcome Max William our new exchange student from Brazil! We know that Max is interested in the Symphony Orchestra in Springfield and is looking forward to it (we think). I would expect him to be here at least a week before school starts.

This year I am supervising 3 other exchange students during their 10 month stay. They all, including our Max seem like very motivated students. I placed two boys and two girls this year. Pretty good for someone with a full time job, a wife, and mother to three children and 4 dogs and a cat.

The kids had a sitter come to the house last week so our day care provider could have a well deserved vacation. They loved it! They played games and did chores. Their favorite was hide and seek with all the lights out and drapes pulled to make the house dark. No lights could be used. Kayla also did the girls hair for their swim team photos. She was awesome! I hope Tracy won't mind if we borrow her from to time. LOL

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Tracy said...

Kayla is the best! Borrow her anytime (unless I am going on a date with my husband and then she is ours!) Glad the kids had fun last week...we sure did. Although, now we are fighting water in the basement. :( I am so sick of this rain!!!!!!