Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July madness

We had a very busy 4th of July. The day started with getting kids ready and packing the van to go to a 4th of July cookout/party, then to see Grandma and the new member to the family, then back home. We left at 11 in the morning and returned at 11 at night. We took all three kids and the two smaller dogs This made or quite the van full.

We had a wonderful time with our friends the Wanless family, Newbury family, Dodd family and so many others. The park was awesome and so was the view! The food and company could not have been beat. Just an overall fun day!

We visited with Grandma for a very short time, then off to see my brother, Pat (new grandpa) and Sondra (new mommy) and Trey, Sondra's new son.

On our way home we were able to view the fireworks shows from all the little towns on the way through. Very cool. At one point we were watching 4 different shows at once.

We did not get to see Sondra. She was sleeping. Her brother Phil was sleeping too. But we were able to chat with my brother and his near to be fiance Patty. And all of us except Kole got to hold Trey. Yes, his name is Trey not Trevon. Full name: Trey Maurice Cunningham, DOB: July 1, 2008.

See the pictures from our day:

Playing badminton and a view from the park

The we have lots of pictures of everyone passing baby Trey around.

I could just sit and hold Trey all day. Hmmmm I wonder if mommy Sondra would let me have him for a couple days then I can give him back! ha ha ha I love it!

His monster feet are longer than my index finger! We think he will have long feet like his dad. We are thinking he has Sondra's lips and Davids nose. But definitely looks like Grandma Cuningham when we bunches up his face! LOL

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vivian said...

aww the baby is cute!
did he have a name yet?