Thursday, July 03, 2008

We've been busy

Last weekend we finally got the pool put together and started filling it. We finally have it filled by adding some water each day. Kole is so excited about the pool.
Now we just need to put on the steps for the deck and it will be done too.

We also let Mia in for a while the other day and boy did the dogs have fun. It raised havoc in the household, but all in all they behaved pretty well.

Kali with Mia and Reiko
A little on the dark side.
Mia and Tasha have learned how to open the gate so we have to keep a clasp through the hole to keep them from opening it and wandering the neighborhood. I have found out that there is at least one neighbor scared to death of Mia. The only reason is because she is a doberman. They are also afraid for Reiko because he barks. Jeez. Oh well. We are doing what we can to keep all four contained.

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vivian said...

woow you got a new pool!
haha it was exciting isnt it?